How to manage a parish by LongWei

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How to manage a parish by LongWei

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:37 pm

Within this Guide i want to show you how to run a parish.

When running a parish you've got keep in mind this motto: Sharing is caring.
If you ever become a Steward of a parish your role will be to support yourself and the other players in the parish. So it essencial that you create a certain relationship with your parish members so they help you into supplying the parish, getting flags and reinforcing the parish or other parish villages with troops or interdiction!


Before thinking into becoming a Steward you should read SHK Wiki about parishes in order to have a notion on things work. So it's mandatory for you to read what's written in this link

SHK Wiki:

[Parish Castle Building]

Well the castle building is similar to the village castle building, so i recommend you and believe that you already read it before.

[Placing Buildings on the Parish]

To place buildings in your parish you need flags and gold. i'd recomment you to place an high tax rate so you could place then at begging and get more troops faster. The flag rate is about 1 to 2 per day.

The first building you should focus into building are: Arquitect's Guild, Castellan's House, Sergeants At Arms Office and Turret Maker. Arquitect's Guild gives you walls and towers so you should max it right way so you can start building your castle. After that get Sergeants at Arms Office until level 7 to get moat. With this you should be able to build a good castle. Meanwhile you build you castle make sure to place Archery Range and Pikemen Drill yard, so you can have archers and pikemen to defend and attack. Barracks will be needed so you have space for your troops.

After this first steps you can consider into getting a church so you can generate more faith points or in placing Fletcher's guild and Poleturner Guild so you can increse hit points.

Everytime you get a build maxed you can remove it but make sure to write it on the Capital forum.

[Monking a Parish]

For those who don't know, a parish can be monked and it's not only for votes! You bless a parish, interdict and others!
My advice would be to make sure that you use 1 or 2 monks daily to get votes going into a house member of yours and to make like a list with a scheduled blessing to make sure you can pop out extra honour in all villages. You can also interdict a village but only do it in last case scenario because it takes alot of faith points to do it.


The parish troops and the village troops can be sent to each other to reinforce, so if the parish or a village lack an army, remember this option, i've already baited people into this and you'll be able to defend yourself unless it's a timed attack.

[Flag and Gold Raid]


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