Banqueeting Supplier by Connor Mc Claiomh

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Banqueeting Supplier by Connor Mc Claiomh

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:35 pm

-research your food and wood +stone production to max so you have as much ressources as you need and as much food as need to trade for gold
-research every honor good to 3-4 points
-research metalware (if you havnt got a mountain peak), silk and spice to max
-then research honor good capacity
-research the other honor goods to max
-dont forget to research the main research stuff such as defences and theologie etc.

- let some space between keep and your cloth/wine/venison buildings for popularity buildings and statues
-build food for the double production you would need at x4 types
-build the spezific honor goods buildings first and then fill up the free space (after you build your production of wood stone weapons...) with venison/chairs/clothes
-faith points are good but not nessecary in early game (until you are viscount) so you dont have build this building if you dont want (after you are viscount or higher you HAVE TO for self-interdict)
-build markets until you CAN recruit 30 merchants (you shouldnt have 30 merchants, in times of war just suspend some of them then)
-build all the statues beginning with the golden from the keep to the outside around it

-places your villages close together so you can send the honor goods fast into one village so you can allways do the biggest banquett (dont do the smaller ones when its not necessary or if you have the other honor goods in any other villages)

-go to teamspeak and speak with people if they need honor goods
-build up your own circle of honor goods takers and supply them constandly

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